7 Jun 2019

Ticks are here!

Ticks are here!

With everything flourishing, so is the tick population. We have had an unusual number of concerned owners of both dogs and cats asking us about ticks on their beloved pets.

Due to relatively mild winter this year’s tick population is much worse than previous years.

A tick can cause localised reactions (even after they are removed or let go), they can cause noticeable discomfort to animals especially if attached on face or ears, and they can carry diseases – Lymes disease.

Best way to avoid this is prevention. There are several very effective treatments for both dogs and cats. For advice in the best one for your pet ask one of our nurses for advice.

If you want to try and remove a tick, make sure you use an appropriate too – a hook. Do not try to pull it off as it may leave part of the tick embedded.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call 0127622193 or 01252837154 and our nurses will be very happy to help.

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