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6 Jun 2020

Elm Cottage Vet Centre is now open even longer

Thank you everyone for your fantastic support after our re-opening of Elm Cottage surgery in Frimley Green.  It is heart warming to read all the messages and to see some of our patients at the surgery.

We are delighted to say that now we are open even longer hours:

From Monday 8 of June Frimley Green will be open:

Monday        8:30 – 19

Tuesday       8:30 – 17

Wednesday  8:30 – 17

Thursday      8:30 – 19

Friday           8:30 – 19

Closed on weekends


Camberley Opening times (7 Days a week):

Monday        8:30 – 19

Tuesday        8:30 – 19

Wednesday  8:30 – 19

Thursday       8:30 – 19

Friday            8:30 – 19

Saturday       8:30  – 17

Sunday         8:30  – 13


At the moment we are delaying routine animals neutering and regular vaccinations. If you think your pet’s circumstances are not routine, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help.

Current advice from the vaccine producers is that if your pet has been regularly vaccinated till now, it will be protected if it over-runs by up to 3 months on an isolated occasion. If your pet is approaching 3 months “overdue” please contact us to organise a booster. We are also sending out reminders and phoning owners of pets who are 2-3 months overdue. We expect to “catch up” in due course. Puppies and kitten vaccinations are done routinely.

Best wishes

Blackwater Valley Vets


29 May 2020

Re-opening of our Elm Cottage Surgery, in Frimley Green.


We are delighted to re-open our Elm Cottage Surgery, in Frimley Green.


Surgery will be open Monday to Friday 9 – 13h. You can order and collect your pet’s medications and food. Also, appointments are available with our vets and nurses.


Our Camberley surgery is still open:

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 19h,

Saturday 8:30 – 17,

Sunday 8:30 – 13h.


We will still observe Government’s social distancing regulations so please only bring your animal if you have an appointment, where possible one person per animal. Please ring the doorbell and a member of our staff will come out and have a word with you about the reason for your appointment or bring out the medications you have ordered. We will take payment with a wireless card terminal outside.


We are here to help you and your pets 7 days a week


11 Apr 2020

Opening times Easter

Dear Pet owners,

We will be closed on Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. If you need emergency help please call VetsNow in Farnham 01252 444436
We will be back on Tuesday at 8:30.

We wish you all a Happy Easter


Blackwater Valley Vets


3 Apr 2020

Temporary Closure of Elm Cottage Veterinary Centre

We are continuing to provide care for our patients and advice to their families 7 days a week. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions related to the COVID19 we are forced to temporarily shut our Elm Cottage Surgery at Frimley Green.

But don’t worry we aim to offer uninterrupted service.
Our team will be available at Gordon House Veterinary centre, 7 days a week to treat your pet, answer your questions, you can still order and collect your drugs. If your pet needs urgent treatment, we will be there for you. Elm Cottage phones will be diverted to Gordon House Veterinary Centre.

We are open:
8:30 – 19 on weekdays
8:30 – 17 on Saturdays, and
8:30 – 13 on Sundays

(Please check notice for opening on Bank Holidays)

You can also call us on 0127622193 or 01252837154 for any information. We are expecting higher volume of calls as we are catering for both surgeries, so please bear with us.

Please see our earlier post (25 March 2020) regarding our social distancing protocol at Gordon House Surgery. Please note that this is taken from Government and RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) advice.

We are here for you and your pets in these challenging times


Blackwater Valley Vets

27 Mar 2020

Opening hours weekend 28 and 29 March 2020

Message to our dear patients and their owners:


We are still providing 7 days a week service.

However due to The Government Advice and the Royal college of Veterinary Surgeons Recommendation (RCVS) we are providing only necessary or urgent treatment of animals and not the routine preventative care (e.g. boosters).


This weekend our Elm Cottage Surgery in Frimely Green will be open
Saturday  8:30 – 17h, and
Sunday     8:30 –  13h


Please call on 01252 837154, our team of nurses and Vets for an advice or to book an appointment if you need one.


Vets Now in Farnham re open out of these hours


Best wishes

Blackwater Valley Vets

25 Mar 2020

COVID 19 Update

Dear pet owners. We are trying to stay open and provide best service possible service in these challenging times. Further to The Government’s latest advice we now have in place several clear advice to respect social distancing:


Please always phone first before coming down to the surgery to book an appointment, order drugs or ask as a question. Please do not just come down to the surgery.

Your order will be prepared, we can take payment over the phone and on arrival we will just hand the medicines/food to you.

Front doors of the surgeries are locked, please ring the doorbell and member of staff will open the door. Please respect the 2 meters distancing at the door, while waiting outside and in the surgery.

Only 1 person per animal.

If you prefer to wait in your car, please phone us and we will come and collect the animal or deliver your medicines.

If you have any symptoms of COVID 19 or are self-isolating, please do not come to the surgery.

We have hand sanitizers in the surgery, please use them on arrival.

Nurse will (where possible) take your animal we will treat it and hand it back to you. This will keep both owners and our staff safe.

Please bring your card with you as we are avoiding payment by cash.

We will update this page regularly, but in the meantime please ring us to discuss if your case is considered urgent, and how we can help.

21 Mar 2020

Weekend opening hours 21 and 22 March

To our dear patients and pet owners:
Just a reminder that our Camberley surgery – Gordon House Veterinary Centre will be open this weekend:
Saturday 8:30 – 17h
Sunday 8:30 – 13h
Our Elm Cottage Surgery in Frimley Green will be closed this weekend.
If you need medicines, food or advice please call us on 0127622193
Best wishes
Blackwater Valley Vets

18 Mar 2020

Message to our dear clients and their families – COVID 19



Several global health organisations, including the WHO, have issued advisories saying there isn’t any evidence that pet animals can spread coronavirus or indeed be infected with it in the same way as humans.


We are taking all the possible steps to ensure continued and uninterrupted provision of both preventative care and treatment of pets when needed.


As you are aware, in the worse case scenario if a member of our staff tests positive for COVID 19 we may have to isolate and close the surgery. To try and minimise likelihood of this we have taken a few steps:


We have split our veterinary and nursing staff between two separate surgeries. This would allow us to continue with one surgery even in the worst-case scenario. This does put extra strain on our staff who are working tirelessly to help you. Please bear with them. You may not be able to see your favourite vet or nurse at your favourite surgery, but we are all available and are in constant communication to ensure continuity of care. Please ask our staff.

Weekends opening hours are somewhat changed. We will still be opened 7 days a week, however due to the above changes – only one surgery will be open on the weekends, and this will alternate. Overall hours of opening will not change, and appointments remain the same. Please keep an eye on Facebook and for information on which surgery is open this weekend. Also call our staff for information: 0127622193 and 01252837154.

Please only 1 person per animal, this limits risks to both your family and our staff.

We have made appointments twice as long to limit number of people in the waiting room. However, we will keep to the time schedule to make sure both clients and staff safety is maximised.

If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside before your appointment time.


If you think you may have been exposed to virus and are self-isolating, please do not come to the surgery. Send a friend with your animal. Please let us know when you are making an appointment.


Please call and order all the medicines and food at least 24h before collection, so we can prepare it and you can speedily collect them. Also, payment by card (especially contactless) and over the phone minimises chances of exposure. So, we encourage you to use these methods ad not cash.

If you want to collect the medicines or food and don’t want to come into the surgery – call us, and organise, payments can be made over the phone and then call us from your car on arrival and we will bring medicines out for you.





14 Mar 2020

Anxiety talk is unfortunately postponed, due to Corona outbreak

Dear all,
Due to the very fast changes in the Corona epidemic, we are unfortunately forced to postpone the Canine Anxiety talk. This is very regrettable, especially considering the support and interest we have had, as well as all the preparations that have been done towards this.
We understand that some of challenges dog owners are facing may need prompt advice so please contact Mr. Luke Wheldon directly by email:
Luke Wheldon IMDT
Dog Training & Behaviour Coach
Best wishes,
Blackwater Valley Vets

7 Mar 2020


How To Tell & What To Do!
⏱ 2min read
Our dogs get stressed and anxious just like us. Perhaps your dog’s behaviour has been out of character lately.
How have they been behaving?
✅ Have they been playing up or acting out?
Maybe they’ve been tense or have frozen up?
🧸 Have they been unusually needy or withdrawn?
Unjustified barking
🥘 Lack of appetite
Wind, bloating, diarrhoea/constipation
Abnormal shedding / dandruff
🤤 Excessive drooling
Fortunately all dogs are masters of communication using their body language.
All the signs are there if you know what to look for…
1. Tail tucked under
2. Tensed up muscles
3. Position of ears: rigid or flattened (‘pinned back’)
4. Excessive scratching
5. Excessive lip or nose licking
6. Excessive yawning or panting
7. Excessive pacing
8. Showing the whites of their eyes (called ‘whale-eye’ or ‘side-eye’ They’re not judging you they’re stressed!)
9. Lip curling: displaying gums/teeth (before snarling/growling/snapping)
10. Trembling or shivering 🥶
⚠️ Stress and anxiety can be caused by a number of factors, these can include:
Lack of a routine/disruption (to walking/feeding times)
Boredom or frustration
🤯 Being overwhelmed (groups of unknown dogs)
Strangers hands petting (adults/children)
Strange noise/s
Separation related issues / isolation distress
Hyper attachment to one person
Previous traumatic experiences (doggy PTSD)
🤬 Your own mood
A lack of dog training
️ Perhaps you or a family member travels regularly causing changes to your dog’s routine.
Or maybe there are loud noises coming from a construction site nearby.
Now you know what to look for when your dog is showing signs of stress and anxiety…
A certified dog trainer can help you to avoid inadvertently making your dog more stressed and anxious; by teaching your dog how to cope and behave appropriately under stress.
Untrained dogs suffer needless anxiety trying to understand what it is their owners want.
🏻‍⚕️If you think your dog is stressed and is displaying signs of anxiety the First Thing To-Do is consult your Vet at one of the Blackwater Valley Veterinary Centres in Camberley and Frimley Green.
‍⚕️ Learn what supplements and approaches your vet can recommend to help your dog cope better in life.
There is hope for your dog, if you would like to know more:
Get Free Expert Advice and Support by joining us for the upcoming event at:
️ Teas, coffees, 🧁 cakes and biscuits provided!
Come for a friendly informal chat about your dogs’ stress or anxiety to find out what we can do to help you and your dog!
🏻‍♂️ Meet myself, Luke Wheldon IMDT – Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Level 4 Qualified Dog Training & Behaviour Instructor
🏻‍⚕️ Warmly hosted by Djordje (George) Vuckovic BVSc MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon & Practice Principal
When is it?
SUNDAY 15th MARCH 2020 from 2PM to 4PM
✅ Save the date!
Where is it?
GU15 2NT
In the interest of your dog’s safety and wellbeing…
WE KINDLY REQUEST ALL DOGS REMAIN AT HOME with someone you and your dog trusts.
♥️ We ask this so not to put any dogs in a potentially stressful situation that will cause them unnecessary anxiety.
Thanks for reading and see you there!
Luke Wheldon IMDT
Dog Training & Behaviour Coach
Kind regards, Luke

Luke Wheldon IMDT

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I was very happy with the care my cats received…the vet gave me a great deal of time and treated my girls like his own. I also received a lot of help from the head nurse who gave me a diet plan to follow which has helped them lose weight. They are now a lot healthier and much more active.

Miss R Gardner

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